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Wywiady > Wywiad z TheDoenerKing'iem (angielska wersja)
przeprowadzny dnia 23.09.2003 
Autor : mara / Data : 2004-02-20 15:47
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mara : Hello TheDoenerKing, maybe first you'll tell something about your person (real name, age, your interests, where are you from, etc) ?

TheDoenerKing : Hi Mara, my real name is Benjamin Stingl I am 20 years old and from Berlin, my hobby’s are game design and chilling around with friends, like going party on weekends and stuff

m: When did you create your first map? What was the engine you made it on (half life, quake)?

TDK :My first map was called, cs_daylight, really crappy, if you asking me, I got 3 of 10 points, not that good. It was a combination of a thrilling Half-Life Death Match Map dm_afterhrs (one of my favourites this time) with a small tunnel. Originally I would make to the same film with Sylvester Stallone, but something went wrong

m: I suppose de_wastefacility is your latest map, is it the best map of yours? How much time did you spend during creating de_wastefacility?

TDK : Yes, I think , its one of my best maps I guess, it take one or two months to complete it.

m: Is this your room in de_threrealrats ?

TDK :Yes, absolutely , but its only one of my two and by the way it didn’t look like that anymore.

m : I know you make your own textures and models for your maps, do you make textures and models first or architecture?

TDK : Since I map, I first look for Textures and than make the map, between the map processes I make some models.

m : When you already have concept of a map how do you layout it before mapping? Have you got a recipe for a good map?

TDK : Shame on me, but I always did my maps on scratch, it’s not every time such a good idea, I suggest everybody, make a detailed plan, which makes it much easier. Why make it easy, when it goes difficult, was my opinion

m : What is the most time consuming part of creating a map?

TDK : I think, testing and building takes a lot of time, it’s along way to the final release, especially, fixing those compile errors and balancing game play.

m : What is the most enjoyable part of creating a map?

TDK : I love it to begin from nothing, after a while , you have some results, most times they look cool, if they not ,than I make it new, till I am satisfied. I love it do build what comes in my mind.

m : You also made movies promoting your maps (quite original idea), what tools did you use to make them (simply WideoMatch or something else)? When did you decided to do them and why?

TDK : Nice question dude I tested a lot of tools. I used camtasia from techsmith where you can capture with sound, but really slow, fraps another tool, but without sound capturing and capturing only works with uncompressed avi, you need a lot of space for it. The best way is capturing you video out from the Grafikscard with a TV Card, then you have the best results.
I used Virtualdub for it. Why I did it ? I made it for my promotion CD, which I send to Game Studios in Germany, you know, videos say more that only Pics and you cant expect that the developers have that game that they need to play the maps.

m : On your homepage ( you gathered ten your own texture packs (I suspect there are the most popular textures after halflife.wad I can often find in credits of new maps that authors used your textures in it) and tens of models, what tools did you use to create then?

TDK : I used Photoshop for the textures and 3D Studio Max for the models.

m : I've olso read that you started working in 4HeadStudio in Hannover as a Level designer & 3D Artist. Can you tell something more about your job? Is this a game you're working on?

TDK : Ok few details, I am employed as Level designer & 3D Artist my task is to make the levels, including models, textures, and riddles. The game is called Back To Gaya, it’s a game to the same named movie, really cool stuff, comes out in Germany in spring. Its comparable with Monsters INC., Shreck.

m: Are you planning to create a new CS map? If so, how it would be?

TDK : I already have a layout of the map ( yes the first time I made one, but at the moment no time for it, perhaps for HL2.

m: And what about HL 2 mapping?

TDK : Really looking forward to it and you can expect some maps from me.

m : Did you always work alone or with a little collaborate? If you had a choice, what mapper you would like to collaborate with?

TDK : Only work alone.

m : Do you spend more time playing or mapping?

TDK : More mapping than playing I think

m : What do you think about standard maps like de_aztec, de_dust2 etc?

TDK : Some are really cool and others not, I hate dust, buts its one of the most player maps ever.

m : If you had a chance, what maps would you choose to be played in CS 2 ?

TDK : I liked Prodigy, perhaps this ?

m : Would you like to add something?

TDK : Nope… no idea … some others questions ?

m : I think I just know what I wnted to know and no question left, thanks for interview and good luck

TDK : Hey no problem dude, was a pleasure for me.
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