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Wywiady > Wywiad z Coucouoeuf'em (ang)
przeprowadzony dnia 01.01.2008 
Autor : triget / Data : 2008-01-10 20:23
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triget: At the beginning please tell our audience, who are you and what are you doing?

Coucouoeuf: Hello triget,
My name is Vincent Bailleul, aka Coucouoeuf or Ccf. I'm from the against All authority (aAa) clan, and I work here as a head staff member. I'm indeed editor in chief, treasurer and the marketing & communication supervisor. I used to be a mapper too, for Counter-Strike 1.6 which I believe is the main reason I'm here answering your questions
I recently decided to map again for CS 1.6, and I have a defuse map project running, called de_blue. You can already download the beta 2 version on my website (

triget: Explain us, why you are doing a maps on engine Half-Life and how began yours carrer.

Coucouoeuf: I started to map for Half-Life Counter-Strike in roughly 2001 when I was a student (I now have a nice job in the IT). I always wanted to create my own world to express myself without headshots :-) I started with small and crapy maps (but fun ones) that you can always download from my website : sp_articparty and sp_dojo. My first big project was cs_skycraper (yes it has a mistake, skyscraper is the correct word). Then I did some defuse maps like de_oeuf, and maybe my best map : de_trome. My favourite own maps are de_trome, de_uevo, de_sunny and my current project, de_blue. And I also love all my aAa maps which I am quite proud of.

triget: What is the biggest problem, that you got when you are doing a map?

Coucouoeuf: Lack of motivation or time. Also problems with the HL engine, such as invisible leaks (due to vertex manipulation that were ok in the .rmf file but in fact buggy while looking at the .map file). These two problems were the main ones I encounter while working on de_uevo.

triget: What is your motivation for doing a map on this engine? ( I can remind that this game got 8 years)

Coucouoeuf: Just because I still play Counter-Strike and this game still is one of the most played in the world. CS 1.6 is just awesome and I'm not fed up of it yet (even if I've reduced a lot my playing time). I tried the Source engine but I could not spend too much time for a game I did not like as CS:Source.

triget: Have you got a plans for your future, for that what are you doing?
Maybe you change it for a Counter-Strike Source?

Coucouoeuf: As long as CS 1.6 will be, I could create more maps for this game. As I told before, I don't like Counter-Strike Source (I think this is a newbie game) and I don't want to create maps for it, even if the possibilities of mapping are way higher than for CS 1.6.

triget: When you are doing a map, are you doing it like you must do, or you let add something from yourself and your mind and fantasy?

Coucouoeuf: At first, I create a plan of the map, to guide my ideas. Then I think about the textures, and gather as many as I can according to the theme I choose for my map. For instance, I collected a lot of blue and metalized textures for de_blue. But I only used a few of them to create my final map.

triget: How is in your opinion a future for non-standards maps in tournament platform?

Coucouoeuf: I don't know. This is really hard to create both a competitive and not "crate-looking" map nowadays. I already give ESL a map, de_sunny, and even if it is not so much played in that online league, de_sunny is played a lot in FFA servers and you can always find some servers running the map. I believe I could find an online league or maybe a quite big lan tournament that could be interested in de_blue. I think this map has a lot of potential for competitive games.

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